Raw Vegan Carrot Cake

Raw Vegan Carrot Cake

Raw Vegan Carrot Cake

For the Carrot Cake:

2 cups         Carrot pulp *

½ cup          Raw pecans, soaked 6 hours, drained & rinsed

1cup            Medjool dates, soaked, pitted and peeled

½ cup           Shredded coconut

1 apple        Fuji, cored and cut into medium pieces

Ginger         Fresh – about a thick quarter size

½ tsp.           Pure vanilla extract

½ tsp.           Cinnamon

Put the dates into the food processor, chop.  Add the coconut, vanilla and cinnamon.  Blend well.  Set aside.

Place the apple into the food processor.  Blend until the apple is coarsely shredded.  Add the carrot pulp and fresh ginger.  Blend.  Add the other ingredients.

Do not over process.

* Carrots.  I found it does work best to use carrot pulp rather than grated carrots.  The grated carrots give more moisture, BUT the cake is still very good.

For the Frosting:

1 ¼ cup       Raw cashews, soaked 6 hours, drained and rinsed

½ tsp.           Vanilla powder

1 tbsp. + 2 tsp. Lemon juice

3 Medjool dates, rinse, peeled, pitted

1/3 cup water; more or less for desired consistency

In a high speed blender, blend all the above ingredients, minus the water.

Add the water slowly using just enough to blend to make it creamy.  Pour into a small bowl and set aside.

~ Line an 8 X 8 glass baking dish with plastic wrap or wax paper.  Press the cake mix evenly into the dish.  Add the frosting on top.  Place onto the freezer for one hour.  Lift out, cut into desired serving portions.  Enjoy!

~ I did not have enough Medjool dates, so I added organic raisins.  It worked well, and was very good.

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