Chocolate Chip Macaroons

Chocolate Chip Macaroons
Dark Chocolate Chip Macaroons
2  1/2  cups  raw shredded coconut
3/4  cup  cacao powder
1/2 cup  cacao nibs (optional)
1/2 cup  agave nectar
1 tsp.  sea salt
1 tbsp. vanilla
1/4 cup  coconut oil, melted
~ Melt the coconut oil in a dehydrator.
~ Add the agave, sea salt, vanilla and coconut oil to food processor, blend.
~ Add cacao, mix well.
~ Transfer ingredients to a bowl, add nibs (if desired) and coconut, mix thoroughly.
~ Place mounds on dehydrator screens.  I use the two-tablespoon cookie scoop.
Dehydrate for the desired amount of time, depending on how moist you would like the center;  6-8 hours at 115 degrees.  Makes approximately 15 cookies.
~ I prefer storing the macaroons in the freezer.  When they thaw they taste just like they did out of the dehydrator.

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