So how do you get your protein?

So how do you get your protein?

Here are 10 vegan sources:

1. Veggies.  One cup of cooked spinach has about 7 grams of protein. The same serving of French beans has about 13 grams. Two cups of kale about 5 grams. One cup of peas, 9 grams.

2. Hemp. Toss 30 grams of hemp powder in your smoothie and get about 11 grams of protein or sprinkle hemp seeds on your salad.

3. Non-Dairy Milk.  One cup of soy or almond milk can pack about 7-9 grams of protein.

4. Nut Butter.  Almond butter and cashew butter. A couple of tablespoons of any one of these will get you 8 grams of protein.

5. Quinoa.  Quinoa delivers about 9 grams of protein per cup.

6. Tofu. Four ounces of tofu will get you about 9 grams of protein.

7. Lentils. With lentils, you can make rice dishes, veggie burgers, casseroles and more. One cup cooked delivers 18 grams of protein!

8. Beans. They really are the magical fruit. With one cup of pinto, kidney or black beans, you’ll get about 13-15 grams of protein, a full belly and heart-healthy fiber.

9. Tempeh. One cup of tempeh has about 30 grams of protein!

10. Sprouted-grain bread. Pack a sandwich with vegan sprouted-grain bread and you’ll get about 10 grams of protein in the bread alone.

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